Australian lockdowns had affected the way people see transportation. Because of the threat of acquiring the virus in public transportation, people are buying private cars for their safety. 

With the changes brought by the pandemic, road trips have become much preferred rather than traveling internationally. By the way, Australia has very strict restrictions regarding Australians traveling outside their country which add up to the factors why sales of second-hand cars increase. 

The best second-hand car to buy in Oz

Basically, second-hand cars are pre-owned and used cars that may be functioning like brand new ones or the ones that need slight repairs in the interior or machine. But don’t worry, most used cars available in several independent car dealers offer good quality cars. 

These cars are used of course in transportation. Whether what model or how old a car is, if it functions well, it will always be beneficial to you and your family.

We have different purposes in buying second-hand cars. It could be used for traveling the goods of your small business or it could be just merely used for transporting your family to any destination.

Used cars prices in Australia
Why used cars in Australia are expensive

Used car sales in Australia

Primarily, used cars originated from different popular car dealers all over the world like Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, and other prominent names in car manufacturing. And after people buy these brand new cars from giant car manufacturers, they could either be used for the rest of their lives and in some instances, car owners resell their old cars for purchasing new ones.

Many independent car dealers are offering diverse types and models of second cars in the market. You can even purchase an old 60’s or 50’s Volkswagen online and visit the garage of its 90-year old owner. The online market is also a big factor in searching for your preferred second car model.

Their prices depend on the country where second-hand cars are being purchased. For example in Brisbane, you can drive away a Mazda BT-50 Automatic for only $33,990.You may consider visiting websites that offer affordable used cars. 

To give you an idea,  you could buy a second-hand 2013 model  Mercedes-Benz for $24,888 or a simple Jeep for $21,888 on different independent second-hand car dealers. 

The good thing about buying a used car is that the price is negotiable. So, you could change the price with your conversation skills. Make sure to always do research before buying your preferred model.

Second-hand used are selling for higher prices in AU lockdown
Can I buy used cars during lockdown?

Why the second-hand used are selling for higher prices during Australian lockdowns

The probable reasons why second-hand used cars are selling at higher prices are related to the global effects of this Covid-19 pandemic. The first reason is that the supply of materials needed to make a car from the international market was reduced due to restrictions, and it resulted in the low production of cars.

Another reason why prices went higher than the pre-pandemic situation is the high demand for cars while the production is low. It is obvious that people are afraid of acquiring viruses from a public vehicle. That made them want to buy brand new cars and most of them wanted to buy second-hand cars for the purpose of safety in transportation during the pandemic. 

Generally, this pandemic is the primary cause of this price hike in used cars in Australia.


During this pandemic, the most important thing to consider is the safety of your family. If you have the budget, buy the new one. But if you think your budget is not suited for what you wanted, take a look at these affordable second-hand used cars on the market. Drive safely!


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