The tell-tale signs that your car needs a repair
When does my car need a service?

Owning a car is a great feeling. Because it gives you the comfort to go wherever and whenever you want without bothering somebody else to give you a ride. But owning a car is a little hassle, too. There is maintenance that you need to acquire as you own one. Such as car cleaning, fuel refilling, and repair. 

Seeing your car filthy means it needs car cleaning. Seeing your fuel tank near to empty means that it needs refilling. But how can you know that your car needs a repair service? 

Why is it important that you observe the tell-tale signs (before bringing the car to a service)

Unlike cleaning and refilling, the need for car service is not visible all the time. You will need to use your other senses to know if your car needs service. As you own a car, you must be attentive to what you hear, what you smell, and what you feel. Doing so can help to take early actions before the small need for repair leads to a big interior damage or worse, accident. Keep on reading and learn more about the tell-tale signs that you need to bring your car to service. 

7 signs that your car needs a service
How do I know if my car needs a service?

The tell-tale signs that you need to bring your car to a service

    1. Glowing check engine light
      One of the best tell-tale signs that your car needs service is the glowing check engine light. Its purpose is designed to signify that something is not right among the hundreds of computer systems in your car. But keep in mind that seeing the check engine light indicator glowing must not be a cause for panic. Instead, you should calm yourself and bring your car for the proper inspection.
    2. Difficulty in starting up the engine
      If you are experiencing difficulty starting up your engine, there must be something wrong with your car. It might have a bad battery or a defective starter. Either of the two, the vehicle needs to be transported to a car service provider for a replacement.
    3. Smoke coming from under the hood
      Be keen observant. Signs might be coming from the back or in front of you. If you see smoke coming from under the hood of your car, keep calm and find a way to get the emergency parking. Your engine might be overheated. If not given attention, it could pull down your car. One way to prevent it is to check on the temperature gauge. If you notice it rising to too high a temperature, you must bring your car for a maintenance check.
    4. Strange noises while driving
      The moment you hear strange noises coming from your car while driving, you must bring your car to the service provider for a checkup. A dragging noise could signify that there might be a falling bearing or wheel. While a grinding noise signifies that the brakes are in not good condition.
    5. Shaky motion while driving
      It is normal to experience shaky motion when you are driving on a rough road. But not in a smooth road, that shaky motion might mean that there could be a number of issues such as bad universal joint or tires that are not placed balance.
    6. Bad fuel mileage
      Every time you refuel your vehicle, you must be observant of how often you refill. If you are filling your gas tank more often than usual, and yet you are not using the vehicle more than usual, the automotive experts should have a look into it. They may find improper tire pressure or sticking brake pad into it.
    7. Rough shifting gears
      As you drive your automatic car, the main part that you would observe is its gear. Is it giving you a smooth and reliable shift in gears? Because if not, your transmission needs further attention. You must bring your vehicle to the shop to replace the transmission fuel, screens, and filters.

These are just a few of the tale-tell signs that your car needs repair. Be observant of the signs and responsible to do a maintenance repair that your car needs.

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