Remarkable Tips for Selling Your Car Online

These days selling a vehicle online are a very easy and affordable venture than ever. All thanks to the plethora of classified advertising sites and social media, which greatly help auto owners looking to sell their car online.

However, if you are completely new to the auto selling process, it can be quite a stressful experience. You need to be strategically prepared, in order to avoid being swindled and complete your transaction as smoothly and safely as possible.

Here are some remarkable tips that will help you to sell your car online in the easiest possible manner.


Save your time by writing a detailed advert

This is perhaps the most important step in the car-selling process. Although it may take your extra time, but writing a detailed advertisement will save your time in the long run. Because there are buyers who like detailed descriptions of vehicles so as to take an informed decision. So, make sure to describe your vehicle as much as you can while writing its advert or else you may end up wasting your time in answering the queries of buyers.

Here are some important details that you should mention in your advert, other than the make, model, price, condition and manufacturing year of your automobile.

  • Condition of its tyres;
  • About oil leaks (if any);
  • About the recent repair or improvements it has undergone;
  • Notify all the major or minor problems and faults, whether physical or mechanical;
  • About the previous accidents that are not mentioned in the vehicle’s history report;

Create an appealing video

Of course, photos are a great way to appeal your customers by showcasing the beautiful features of your vehicle. But that’s only half the battle in order to satisfy online car buyers. You can take a short video of your vehicle, to reveal how it sounds and drives. This will not only help you to establish your credibility as a seller, but will also make your advert noticeable. It will also help you to avoid unnecessary questions of buyers like, “Does your vehicle produce any noise when it starts?”

Make test-drive a safe experience

When scheduling the test drive, you should ensure to make it an informative and safe experience for both you and your potential buyer. Make sure that your insurance company covers you in case any accident occurs due to buyer’s negligence. Meet potential buyer in a public location and if possible bring along a friend with you. Always accompany the buyer on the test drive and make sure to check his legitimacy by having a look at his driver license or photo ID. Give the buyer the opportunity to drive in different situations like local traffic and highway.

Stay alert from scammers

Generally, online car sales involve a number of scams. But if you take the right precautions, you can avoid being swindled by fraud online car buyers.

Below we have listed some best precautions that will help online sellers get good cash for cars while protecting themselves from scammers.

  • Never deal with buyers who avoid meeting in person;
  • Always check the buyer’s government ID proof, before finalising the deal;
  • Always accept full payment in cash and make sure to verify the amount in bank;
  • Avoid opening any link sent to you by the buyer via email;
  • In case if you are not able to accompany the buyer for test-drive, keep one of their personal items with you to make sure they return back.

To avoid unwanted hassles, you can also contact your local used car dealer Bamian who buy cars through Sydney, including Penrith, Liverpool, Parramatta, Richmond and much more.

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