What to do with a totalled car?

A lot of auto owners get shocked to see their accidental car go to the heap of scrap after a collision. The reason for the disbelief is that most of the folks take care of their vehicle as a family member. Some of the people even customise their cars and also wash them every weekend.

Additionally, if your older or totalled car is still drivable. Then it will be more difficult to see your auto insurer taking it away. However, other than getting a check from your insurer. There are various other things too that you can do with your totalled vehicle. Here, they are-

  1. Take the check from the insurer

When your vehicle has suffered an accident, the at-fault driver’s insurer or your insurer will give you it’s actual cash worth and then inspect its condition to see how much it will cost to repair it. And, if the car is damaged beyond repair, then they will just give you a check.

Basically, insurance agencies and states have their own methods for declaring whether or not an automobile is a total loss. Also, a totalled vehicle doesn’t have to look like a burnt machine with shattered flat. And, sometimes it can be very expensive to repair even a minor damage to an old vehicle.

However, when the price of the car is determined. The insurer will first deduct the amount of claim that you have made against your own policy and then pay you the amount. If the insurer has bought an automobile from you that holds a loan. Then you will be liable to first pay it off by using the money offered by the insurer.


  1. Repair and keep the vehicle

If your automobile has suffered only from some minor accident and can still be safely driven, or just towed at the repair center. You want to keep and fix it.

In such situation, you won’t have to file a claim and you can choose to repair your vehicle at your own expense. Particularly, in case of older or classic vehicles it will better keep a dented but safe to drive the automobile. Because if you make a claim then the money you will get won’t be sufficient to buy a more safe and reliable automobile.

If you decide to keep the automobile, the insurance agency will deduct its salvage value which is usually a few hundred dollars and any deductible if the collision was your mistake.

  1. Keep the vehicle and don’t repair it

If your vehicle is accidental or hail damaged, but still functioning and running good, then you might keep it. If you decide to repair it. Fixing something as common as a nearly invisible and long scratch will cost you a few bucks. But, either way you can also drive it with some dents on the body or with a dented hood or roof.

  1. Sell it after restoring into a good condition

Although it is less likely that you will get more money by individually selling your scrap vehicle parts but you can still consider it. Do you know who buys totalled cars in Melbourne?

You can also extract parts from it and use them in the other automobile you have. Or, just take it to a repair shop and get it fixed.

  1. Donate your vehicle

This is another best option to consider. If your vehicle is totalled such that it is of no use to you. These services will even tow your automobile for free and you will also enjoy a tax deduction at a later date.

Sell your car to Bamian in Sydney and get the most outcome of your totalled vehicle.

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