Sell Your Classic Car for Cash in Sydney

Are you looking for used car dealers in Sydney to sell your classic or antique wheels? There can be many reasons for why you want to sell your classic car? Maybe you are planning to replace it with a latest luxurious car or you have fallen in some financial crisis. Whatever the reason might be, when it comes to selling a classic vehicle for good cash, you might need the help of few guidelines.

When it comes to advertising your vehicle for sale there are many options available for you to choose from. But whichever channel you choose, you will always need help of some measures through which you can maximize your cash for classic cars.


Here are some vital measures which will help you to sell your classic vehicle at a relatively best possible price.

1) Get the Inspection done

Before listing your wheels for sale, have it inspected by an expert mechanic. If some minor repairs are needed to be done in order to increase the total appeal of the wheels for potential buyers, get them done. This way you can quote a higher price for it.

2) Do your research

Research well on the internet to know what other buyers are paying for the same kind of wheels that you own.

3) Retain the originality of a classic car

If you want to get higher cash for your classic wheels, manage to maintain its originality. So, if you want to maximize the price of your car, avoid replacing too many parts.

4) Advertise properly

Advertising appropriately is the key to sell your wheels quickly. These days one can find many websites that particularly cater to classic vehicle sales. Post an ad for on a well- known website and make sure to upload varied photos of both interior and exterior of your vehicle. This will attract potential buyers.

Look for used auto dealers in your area in Sydney and find out if they are interested in buying your wheels. Although they will charge you some commission from the sale price, this is the easiest way to grab attention of purchasers.

Most of the classic car magazines also offer advertising through the classifieds. You can also post an ad in your local newspaper classifieds with all the details about your vehicle.

5) Car Brokers and Auction Houses

If you have a specific valuable classic vehicle, then the best and reliable option is to sell it through auction houses or brokers. There you can get the right type of audience for your classic automobile, which means people who are particularly interested in your type of antique automobile and are willing to pay the best price to get it. This is the best alternate to go for, when it comes to sell rare and expensive antique vehicles.

Common mistake one can commit while selling

Relying too much on old information

As their name defines, classic or antique automobiles have been around since a longer time than other cars. So, one can get a wide range of knowledge about them. But don’t rely too much on old information, as there are some recent developments which have been made in classic automobiles.

So before you begin to plan to sell your classic vehicles, make sure to update yourself with all the recent developments made in your type of wheels.

We hope that the above mentioned tips will help you to sell your car for a good sale price in Sydney.

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