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Everyone feels the need to sell their old vehicles at some or the other point of time. And, they may have their own reasons for wanting to sell their old Korean automobiles. Maybe it has gotten too old that it has become so expensive to regularly maintain it and keep it running. Or, maybe it is a complete aged and you are finding it more financially pragmatic to just sell it and replace it with a new one. But you can obviously sell it to us here at Bamian, regardless of its condition.

As we are a completely passionate team and love buying all Korean models. So we don’t worry about what your reasons are. We are just so dedicated about purchasing and collecting unwanted Korean automobiles, and we pay heaps of cash as well. Whether it is just brand new or falling apart at the seams, we will be happy to buy it either way. We utilize all our experience and expertise to ensure that our client gets the best possible deal.


We welcome All SsangYong’s

SsangYong is an undeniably respectable brand, but it doesn’t make it any easier to have an old or unwanted SsangYong model parked in your driveway or wasting away a valuable space in the garage. Because when a vehicle reaches the end of its life cycle, it always leaves the owner with a broken spirit. But, luckily there is no need to weep tears of despair now. As we will take your old SsangYong model off your hands in a quick-smart way. Additionally, we won’t what model it is, whether it is an Actyon Hatchback, Rexton SUV or Chairman Sedan.

Sydney’s Premier Hyundai Dealers

It is a true fact that all automobiles eventually get older and reliable Hyundai models are no exception to this. It doesn’t really matter how well you look after them and how often you take them for service. One day the automobile in question will be too old to run and you will feel an urgent want to sell it. Some of you may even sell it well before this happens so as to avoid its advancing age and increasing maintenance costs. It makes no difference whatever the scenario is. We will gladly shell out top cash for your Hyundai make or model. It could be a Galloper, Terracan, Santa Fe, Tucson, Elantra GT, Genesis Coupe, Accents, Veloster, and the Sonata.

We are passionate Kia Buyer’s

If you have an old or a junk Kia model rotting away in your garage. You must not end up wasting a valuable space. As garage can needs to be reserved particularly for useful things instead of ending up getting used to store scrap things such as old or broken down automobiles. So we would best advise you to sell your unwanted Kia to us. With our help, you can easily get rid of your old clunker within the space of 24 hours and still get the highest money for it. Our team will not turn our nose up at any specific Kia model, be it Kia Cadenza, Picanto, Borrego and Rondo.

Sell your old Daewoo fast in Sydney, NSW

Are you thinking of selling an old Daewoo vehicle so as to upgrade it with a slightly newer automobile? Maybe it is too old and need extensive repairs frequently and you are just sick of incurring huge expenses. You might be worried that it will be difficult to get rid of it. But it isn’t actually the case as long as we are there to help you out. Our team will buy it off you without caring about its condition. Even if it has been totally wrecked in a terrible accident, we will buy it. The Daewoo Tico, Lano, Legnanza and Gentra are some of the main candidates of our Daewoo collection. Other than this, we buy all the Daewoo models and you will be happy to know that there is no black list of models we will turn away.

If you want to sell your car fast, then sell it to Bamian and enjoy the top cash for all Korean models.

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