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What is the price of my car?

According to Bamian’s – No online calculator can give you the accurate price for the car. However, the price can be estimated by 3 major factors:

  • Current condition of the car (interior or exterior).
  • How many KM’s have been done?
  • Past title history of the car.

What if I don’t like Bamian cash offer?

Feel free to walk away – no pressure. However, we would be so grateful to hear the price in your mind. We would do our best to match the same price for you as far as the figures are genuine.

How “Bamian” is the best place to sell my car?

Bamian’s – Used Car Buyer Sydney, are the best because:

  • We are local, reliable & trustworthy.
  • Leading second hand car dealers in Sydney, NSW.
  • Over 20 years of experience in selling or buying a car.
  • Offering free cash quotations – no obligations or hidden charges.
  • Free car pickup anywhere within Sydney. We can cover other regions as well, including 500KM out of Sydney regions.

Can I get the FREE Car Removal in Sydney, NSW?

Yes and in most of cases – same day free car pickup. Please verify your location because sometimes in some of rural regions, it can take another day for the auto removals.

Do I need to sort out the paperwork myself?

No, we can do that for you. We want you to stay stress free during the whole trading process. Get in Touch with Bamian for more details.

What is the meaning of FREE Cash quotes – no obligations?

Get the cash offer on the phone or via the electronic quote form – no charge for that or any hidden charges involved.

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